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Three (3) year condenser coil limited warranty

AT&T Switching Center HVAC Units in Galveston Island, Texas

HVAC Coils Kitty Hawk North Caroline Adsil35

Therma Cote Certification Statement

Therma Cote Warranty

Documented benefits of MicroGuard HVAC coatings for AT&T

LEED Credits Impacted by MicroGuard Coatings

MicroGuard Qualifies for Southern California Edison Standard Performance Contract

TESTS OF ADSIL COATING used in MicroGuard - Florid Power and Light Final Report

MicroGuard Salt Chamber Test  ASTM B117


Microbac Laboratories, Inc. CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS - Mold Test

EPA Energy Report
12.5% Energy Savings and Significant Reduction in NOX

Summary of Field and Laboratory Tests of the ADSIL Coating

A Discussion of HVAC Coil Coatings

York Letter

The Trane Company

SPC 2006-1 OSPC Policy - Business Efficiency Energy Program

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